November 26, 2016

Test New Syntax Highlighter - Pretiffy

package main 

import "fmt"

func f(from string) {
    for i := 0; i < 3; i++ {
        fmt.Println(from, ":", i)

Tatacara penggunaan prettify

November 25, 2016

Review internet indihome setelah memakai hampir 1 tahunan

Seperti yang saya alami saat ini kualitas jaringan dari indihome yang saya gunakan juga mulai sering adanya gangguan. Rekor terbaik dari jaringan indihome yang saya dapat tanpa gangguan adalah sekitar 10 bulan sejak pemasangan. Diatas itu berbagai gangguan langsung mendatangi, mulai dari jaringan yang mati-putus sampai mati hampir 10 hari tanpa ada perbaikan sama sekali. Sebenernya sih gampang aja ya, kalau mau urusan kita beres itu hal yang paling tepat adalah kita punya orang dalam, terutama kenalan teknisi. Tapi biasanya hal seperti ini tentunya juga membutuhkan pelicin lah, untuk memudahkan segala urusan (ya menurut saya sih).

November 24, 2016

home and auto insurance

If you currently own a car and a home, you probably already know if you have to have some form of home insurance and car insurance. However, if you are a first time home owner or the car buyer, you may still be confused with what is available and what you might need.First, you should know that the insurance laws may be different from country to country so you'll want to keep that in mind when you are shopping around for a quote. Secondly, you will want to take the time to look back various types of offers from several companies to ensure you get the best coverage according to your abilities.To ensure that you get the best price for your home insurance and car insurance you will meungkin can use several methods. Maybe you have to use some online sites tentangn insurance to provide information from various providers. Additionally, you should be able to take the time and actually get information from providers share. By calling the provider, you will be able to talk to people who might be able to provide some information about the discount.

Insurance FACTS that you may not know

Formal insurance coverage has arguably already exists for per individuals and businesses since the late 1800s. For the layman, though, not all of them are homeowners, auto, property and commercial policies that might be seen. At a more practical level, it is important to meet with an experienced independent agent to review your needs, explain the options and plan and store network for customized coverage with a competitive quotation, while you were there in your hour of need the claim.This article serves to present another view on insurance - fun facts that will tickle your interest and ease the seriousness of life while possibly offering opportunities you never thought existed.Guess what?

While today most people realize that a good driver would have insured value better, which leads to premium rates that are cheaper, some certain professionals, such as teachers, accountants, engineers and nurses are well placed in the category of 'high probability' for encourage them to be careful and to avoid accidents.