January 24, 2010

first time with subversion

few years ago when i developing application using visual basic 6, was thinking how we can using source code control in process developing. And we only have choice using Visual Source Safe with very limited feature and may be not really like actually source code control i think. and that moment we just doing "traditional" integrated source code on our project.

and now iam really need this source code control, iam need more step to take advantage with doing this. And i choose SVN because with recomendation some friend and consider the easy using it. May be SVN not the best but at least it's enough for me..

in this blog i want to share my experience installing subversion on server ubuntu and how to using it with tortoiseSVN for client and of course integrated with Visual Studio 2008.

January 6, 2010

after new year.

ooh how long i don't update my blog and this is a new year on the first decade in millenium.
this is a 6th day's after new year. and i don't know why i still don't productive.
i have long holiday before and this make my lazyness come out.
in this year looks like will be busy year with a lot of work and doing some project.
And internal project that i doing now it's really take my time...
i hope in this year i can more productive and can write blog much more later..
i really want extend my english so i will and promise every article that writting in this blog will be in english.
yeah i can apply a quotation "learn with doing it", like last project that i still work, maybe i don't understand about c#, although syntax near with vb but it's still new for me, and practice to using it. until now i more familiar with c# language.
with the other language i hope this year i can learn it. especially C and phyton

and last i hope best for us in this year and will have more better life than before..