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how difficult to get a “HUMAN” called a “FRIEND”

not write blog for the long time, i think this is my first blog on 2011. and this little a  true story ;)in a case we must have felt at the betrayed or exploited by human that called friends. At first it did not we realize, after some time we become aware of and a friendship that would be an adversarial. if a good start why can be terminated with a bad thing. Moreover sometimes we may have been too open with our daily lives with a "friend" is. This is ultimately underlies the thinking that gave portions of friends just like other friends. Don’t call it a special friend and don’t treat them like really-really good friend . Cause it will be “destroyed” your self. But luckly me, that i really “have” good friend. Yes there are really good friend now, when some insulted “me”, they always in the front stand up for me, but i dunno later. ;).
Now we talking about friend that try to “exploit” you. this friend can’t be detect at first like who friend is cheating you although is will b…