November 26, 2016

Test New Syntax Highlighter - Pretiffy

package main import "fmt"

func f(from string) {
    for i := 0; i < 3; i++ {
        fmt.Println(from, ":", i)

Tatacara penggunaan prettify
<pre class="prettyprint linenums lang=html">
package main import "fmt"

func f(from string) {
    for i := 0; i < 3; i++ {
        fmt.Println(from, ":", i)
untuk html encoding bisa disini

November 25, 2016

Review internet indihome setelah memakai hampir 1 tahunan

Seperti yang saya alami saat ini kualitas jaringan dari indihome yang saya gunakan juga mulai sering adanya gangguan. Rekor terbaik dari jaringan indihome yang saya dapat tanpa gangguan adalah sekitar 10 bulan sejak pemasangan. Diatas itu berbagai gangguan langsung mendatangi, mulai dari jaringan yang mati-putus sampai mati hampir 10 hari tanpa ada perbaikan sama sekali. Sebenernya sih gampang aja ya, kalau mau urusan kita beres itu hal yang paling tepat adalah kita punya orang dalam, terutama kenalan teknisi. Tapi biasanya hal seperti ini tentunya juga membutuhkan pelicin lah, untuk memudahkan segala urusan (ya menurut saya sih). 

Kalo urusan laporan gangguan terus terang saya paling males, apalagi lapor ke 147, kadang lebih baik kita lapor via applikasi my indihome. Laporan yang kita tulis ada statusnya jadi kita bisa pantau status laporan kita, sampai teknisi datang untuk memperbaiki koneksi indihome di tempat kita. Nah bukan telkom jika komplain-komplain kadang ditelantarkan begitu saja, karena sejak 1 minggu ini saya melakukan proses pelaporan gangguan jaringan melalui aplikasi my indihome, anehnya 4 laporan saya tiba2 berubah menjadi close tanpa ada informasi jaringan sudah diperbaiki atau belum, bahkan tidak ada teknisi yang datang, walaupun jaringan saya akhirnya bisa namun error kembali esoknya.

Terus terang dengan kualitas pelayanan telkom saat ini berbanding terbalik dengan biaya langganan tiap bulan yang juga naik. Kalau mau jujur jika ditempat saya ada koneksi selain indihome ini maka secepatnya saya akan putus dengan indihome. Tapi ya bagaimana lagi nasib rumah kampung jalur yg dilewati hanya infrastrukture milik telkom.
Harapan saya hanya satu jika telkom atau pegawainya atau apalah yg dekat dengan telkom. Perbaikilah kualitas pelayanan, jangan lupakan juga pelanggan yg sudah lama. Biaya langganan naik tidak apa-apa, tetapi setidaknya kualitas terhadap pelanggan juga dinaikkan.

November 24, 2016

home and auto insurance

If you currently own a car and a home, you probably already know if you have to have some form of home insurance and car insurance. However, if you are a first time home owner or the car buyer, you may still be confused with what is available and what you might need.
First, you should know that the insurance laws may be different from country to country so you'll want to keep that in mind when you are shopping around for a quote. Secondly, you will want to take the time to look back various types of offers from several companies to ensure you get the best coverage according to your abilities.
To ensure that you get the best price for your home insurance and car insurance you will meungkin can use several methods. Maybe you have to use some online sites tentangn insurance to provide information from various providers. Additionally, you should be able to take the time and actually get information from providers share. By calling the provider, you will be able to talk to people who might be able to provide some information about the discount.
For insurance on your car, you should make sure that you at least bring a minimum coverage under the laws of your country. Most countries have some very strict guidelines for the minimum amount of coverage if there is an injury, but it's a good idea to maintain more than the minimum.
The same is also true for the majority of home insurance. Most countries - countries that always have a minimum amount, but when something happens, repairs often cost more than anticipated so it's a good idea to have coverage beyond the minimum.
When you will consider home and car insurance, it's a good idea to try to go to the insurance company and met with agents in your city, so if you want to get information, you'll have someone there fast enough. However, also keep in mind that many of these companies that rely heavily on call centers. This means that if you have a car accident or damage to your home, you will contact the call center (which may not even be in your country), and they will send someone to you.
Most companies may also provide a discount for you if you own a home and car insurance from them. There are several possibilities to get a discount on your home or auto insurance policy depends on the insurance company.
Even some insurance companies also offer discounts for safety features, car alarm system, experiencing the day-time running lights, and even if you have taken a defensive driving course.
discounts for home insurance is generally available only for building materials (which uses considered refractory brick house), have a fire extinguisher nearby, have a home security system, and even the use of solar energy in the home.

Insurance FACTS that you may not know

formal insurance coverage has arguably already exists for per individuals and businesses since the late 1800s. For the layman, though, not all of them are homeowners, auto, property and commercial policies that might be seen.
At a more practical level, it is important to meet with an experienced independent agent to review your needs, explain the options and plan and store network for customized coverage with a competitive quotation, while you were there in your hour of need the claim.This article serves to present another view on insurance - fun facts that will tickle your interest and ease the seriousness of life while possibly offering opportunities you never thought existed.
Guess what?
• While today most people realize that a good driver would have insured value better, which leads to premium rates that are cheaper, some certain professionals, such as teachers, accountants, engineers and nurses are well placed in the category of 'high probability' for encourage them to be careful and to avoid accidents.
• There are also insurance for (everything) related to alien abduction!
• Several executives at several coffee companies want to ensure that their official taster will be able to maintain an excellent taste of the flavor so that they buy insurance $ 10 million for it!
• Presenting the bride with an expensive diamond engagement ring is a tradition that is based on protection. A form of insurance - so to speak - expensive ring will be hers to keep as compensation in the event of the groom got cold feet about tying the knot!
• Sports Golf in Japan become an expensive venture if by chance you are a winner - requires you to host and conduct celebrations also sponsored costly alcoholic beverages for your fans. pro golfer who often choose to buy insurance in case they win to cover 'damage'.
• If you want, you also can buy a life insurance policy if you fall into a laughter that can kill you!
• Question: Who guarantees athletes traveling internationally? Answer: They get coverage from an insurance company in the country of origin and in their host country.
• When one avid sportsman chooses to swim across the English Channel in the tub, he obtained insurance from a company that does the risk with one condition: the bathtub needed a stopper that will prevent water from seeping in!
• If you are in the market for a new vehicle, keep in mind that the statistics, there are more collision claims associated with 2-door car.

October 27, 2016

Free Programming Ebooks - Ten Steps to Linux Survival

Linux systems are everywhere today, even in companies once considered "pure Windows." If you’re a sysadmin, network administrator, or developer in a small Windows shop, you may have to jump in and fix a system problem when your site goes down. What if you have no Linux knowledge? This short guide provides tips to help you survive.
Linux systems may appear in your shop as virtual machines or in the cloud, including web servers, databases, mobile device managers, version control, and monitoring systems. When one of them falters, this primer leads you through some diagnostic and recovery tasks so you can quickly get your site back up.
  • Connect to a Linux system with OpenSSH and PuTTY secure shells
  • List files and directories, and move around within the file system
  • Safely inspect the file contents without changing them
  • Narrow your search by using commands to locate specific files
  • Use the grep command to search for error messages inside a file
  • Determine real-time system state to find underlying problems
  • Examine disk utilization and zero in on space-hogging files
  • Transfer suspect files from Linux to Windows for later analysis
  • Use commands to start, stop, restart, or even kill unresponsive services
  • Know where to find help when troubleshooting isn’t enough
Jim Lehmer has worked with computer systems for over three decades. He’s been involved with software development in various roles, including programmer, systems programmer, software engineer, team lead, and architect.