first time with subversion

few years ago when i developing application using visual basic 6, was thinking how we can using source code control in process developing. And we only have choice using Visual Source Safe with very limited feature and may be not really like actually source code control i think. and that moment we just doing "traditional" integrated source code on our project.

and now iam really need this source code control, iam need more step to take advantage with doing this. And i choose SVN because with recomendation some friend and consider the easy using it. May be SVN not the best but at least it's enough for me..

in this blog i want to share my experience installing subversion on server ubuntu and how to using it with tortoiseSVN for client and of course integrated with Visual Studio 2008.

first we need install subversion on ubuntu
eka@rudito:~/$ sudo apt-get install subversion

create folder for the repository
eka@rudito:~/$ mkdir /home/eka/svn

initialize the repository
eka@rudito:~/$ svnadmin create /home/eka/svn
this command will create repository on /home/eka/svn

change the configuration
eka@rudito:~/$ nano /home/eka/svn/conf/svnserve.conf

with this
anon-access = none
auth-access = write
password-db = passwd
authz-db = authz
realm = projects

eka@rudito:~/$ nano /home/eka/svn/conf/passwd

fill with this
eka = somepassword

eka@rudito:~/$ nano /home/eka/svn/conf/authz

fill with this
eka = rw

and then start the daemon subversion
eka@rudito:~/$ svnserve -r /home/eka/svn -d

don't forget allow access port 3690 if firewall on.

and in the client we will be install TortoiseSVN and how we can integrated with Visual Studio 2008. if doesn't have install you can download in here and install as usual..

to start create work copy or local copy you can create the folder anything you want, and right click and choose SVN Checkout, so you will show like this bottom images and fill URL of Repository with your server ip like this : svn:// (this is my example)

if you ok then will show like this..

and if don't produce any error so connection to the repository it's ok.., so if you look in your directory  which you use for this workcopy there will add icon checked with green color. like this..

now try to add something file text to directory which you use for workcopy.. and named that testsvn2.txt so you will show this file with similar icon text file plus icon question on blue color
if you finnish to modified that new file you can right click that file, and choose TortoiseSVN --> add. this will create the new list to import to the server repository. after that right click again and choose SVNCommit and will show images like this

in message you can fill what changes in this commit, fill what you want ;) and if all ok will like this..

congrats that's your first file on your first repository.. ;), later if you want get this file on different computer you must install TortoiseSVN and using command SVNImport to new workcopy, this command will download all file in your repository

next part i will explain how to integrated this TortoiseSVN with Visual Studio 2008...