that’s a “really” surprise day.. ;)

i never imagine like this day will like this. i don’t remember, when last time i celebrate my birthday party. And on this day, really never imagined to be like this, that you must know, i fell like wierd and nervous when all people see on me and next thing surelly i got a panic and that’s really-really wierd right. ;),  but i’m creep, i’m a weirdo, like creep lyric the song performed by radiohead it’s describe me.

you must know that you always be my pal and don’t think if today i got anger, it’s not like that. i just what i describe before. maybe i should must have to apologize to you, but will tell you later.

but i must say big and lot thanks. big appreciate to “someone” that make this happen. this is the day that i will never forget, yes, it will be always on my memories along with this blog too. ;). “a pleasant memory”

and now will be my hope, just the hope that will make me more brave <—”this is hope” ;), 1. brave for facing the real world, 2. brave for leaving establishment to get better life and  3. of course brave for leaving from my place now, place where i live since childhood, and no less important the brave for my first language using english ,more and more. just that it.

Happy birthday to me.. (just kind of narcism ;) )

see you again, good night. good sleep.