giving try for new GSM/3G modem

today i was going to my friend and he has buying new modem 3g/gsm HUAWEI and have logo three in front...
he can't try first because his laptop have error and can't boot into windows
and i get chance to borrow this modem and try in my home. exactly in my litte room
which have little connection/signal in few cellular operator.

for card i try with IM3(Indosat M3) (which i only have this), i got signal which WCDMA have more than 2 bar and it's good..
try online for 2 hour connection is good and fast
and of course i feel with my hand this modem not to hot after 2 hour connection.

this recomended that i must buy
with price really cheap 520rb in rupiah or $50

i must buy tomorrow, for anticipation dollar kurs it's get up.