again with Unicode Character (listview now support)

after in few day's search about showing Unicode Character in listview at least i found the solution about this problem.
thanks for tutorial this is valuable information for Unicode with Visual Basic.  And vbAccelerator for source code listview that i modified for support unicode character.
Here you can copy the Listview ActiveX Control and listview source code of course.
and simple testing i post in listview unicode test and don't forget to download Edit Control from TimoSoft
And here example / explanation about using it visual basic. (i asume you have instaled visual basic and suplemental language support)
First extract and copy this ocx in your [windowsdefaultdirectory]\system32, standar visual basic read ocx
extract listview unicode test before running this vb project that, you must install edit control from timosoft after that running the project vb..
for activated arabic charset (in my case) or other, you must install "suplemental language support" in xp and iam not covering in here..
running the project vb and try insert first textbox with usual name like james, gates, and try the second textbox with unicode character like this شلاؤي (in my case i used arabic charset) when you click add, you will show in listview the first colum will show usual name, and second colum will show arabic charset like before..

Happy try... N


  1. Hi,

    Thanks for youe sharing.
    But I cannot use sorting.
    Is it a bug?
    Can you help to fix it?


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