the gate it;s open now....

finally, after waiting for long time ago..... (looks like it's so long..)
my modem (speedy) is comming...
test n test it's working now...

although when instalation process this modem, we have little problem..
because my new password that i've changed it's doesn't work..
the technician say's that password only accept characters and number
and length of characters maximum 12 ( the variable may be.. char(12) /varchar(12) ).........

and then he call the office for reset my password..
so my password has been reset, and i change to new again
with rule in above..

and my very new password has been changed....
and i connect out of the world
with my lovely box

but iam still not sure with this modem,
i never hear the brand before.. (Makronet)
and the technician say's that the quality this modem rather poor..
but whatever.. price adsl modem still expensive..
so use which i have now...
and buy new modem --> (COMMING SOON)